Charli XCX no Popjustice

When I was making ‘True Romance’ I was really worried about being cool. As most 16-to-18-year-olds are. Whereas now I don’t care about being cool because now I’m cool anyway. In a really weird nerdy uncool way. I don’t care. I’m really into this record I’ve made because I feel like it’s all me.


Charli XCX na V Magazine

Some people are embarrassed to say that they like pop music, but I feel like times are changing. There are some really amazing pop artists, including myself, that are pretty young and aren’t just thinking about lyrics like ‘I’m in a club with a boy! Yeah!’

Charli XCX – “You’re The One”

Atenção para o melhor refrão do ano:

You’re the one that can make me stay

You’re the only one who makes me feel this way

You’re the one that’s been stealing stars

Your golden arrow went through my eye

You’re the one that can turn the ṗage

You’re the one that gave me light and I love the gage

Now I’m dancing in the dark